Personal Support Worker

Program Length: 28 weeks
This program is offered at our Toronto and Scarborough Campuses

36棋牌Personal Support Worker


Are you a caring individual who likes to help others?

Would you enjoy working at a career that makes you feel good about yourself at the end of the day?

Is your career goal to work with people in the Health Care field?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions, this is the right career for you. Personal Support Workers (PSW’s) help people with everyday activities such as grooming, dressing, and other household tasks.

There’s a huge shortage of Personal Support Workers in Canada, and you can help fill the demand. Start now by getting the training you need to become a PSW. This certificate program was developed as part of the Ontario government’s plan to reform long-term care and support services which are provided to people in long-term care facilities or living at 36棋牌 in the community.


  • PSW Foundations
  • Safety and Mobility
  • Body Systems
  • Assisting with Personal Hygiene
  • Abuse and Neglect
  • Household Management, Nutrition and Hydration
  • Care Planning / Restorative Care / Documentation / Working in the Community
  • Assisting the Family, Growth and Development
  • Assisting the Dying Person
  • Assisting with Medications
  • Cognitive and Mental Health Issues and Brain Injuries
  • Health Conditions
  • Clinical Placement (Community)
  • Clinical Placement (Facility)


Clinical Placement

College also arranges 310 hours of mandatory Clinical Placement for the students. Students have to work at long-term facilities, 36棋牌 care services, retirement 36棋牌s or senior’s apartments to complete certificate requirements. Students will be able to gain experience by applying theoretical concepts in real situation.

Career Opportunities

You’ll work as a Personal Support Worker in:

  • long-term care facilities
  • group 36棋牌s
  • community agencies
  • hospitals
  • schools
  • day care centres (children or adults)
  • 36棋牌 care agencies
  • hospices
  • 36棋牌 care agencie

Admission Requirements

  • Grade 12 (OSSD) or equivalent
  • If you are 19 years or older and do not have an OSSD or equivalent, a minimum passing score of 14 on the Wonderlic SLE entrance test
  • Good oral and written English skills (student must pass a literacy test)
  • Medical Certificate (free of communicable disease with up-to-date immunization status)
  • Negative Police Check (Vulnerable persons) Canada wide
  • Admissions interview to determine suitability for the program


    • Although not an admission requirement, Hepatitis B immunization is strongly recommended, since it is required by many employers.



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